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Kassie Trotta

Welcome! My name is Kassie Trotta and I am passionate about health and wellness. I help people enjoy living a balanced life by giving them the tools to navigate all of the mixed information out there about nutrition and healthy living. As a certified health coach, I am excited to make learning about nutrition and healthy living fun and easy to understand. I look forward to creating a plan with you that can be easily balanced with your lifestyle.

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Having had a rocky relationship with food in the past, I have in-depth knowledge of the difficulty this can bring to your daily life. I can educate and guide you to take the balanced path, rather than the rocky road. After seeing the difference that practicing a healthy lifestyle has made in my own life and many others, it’s been a true passion of mine to pass that along. I can’t wait to help you on this journey!

Oh my goodness, thank you Kassie! I truly appreciate you presenting this. Just the jump start I need to better my health. You rock!!

MaryAnn H.

Kassie presented Making Health your Hobby in a fun and easy to understand way. Can’t wait to enjoy the benefits of eating more healthy foods!

Betty F.